Gallery of Monthly Entries

October Entries

Theme: Native Plants (Including Grasses)


First Place

A Butterfly Magnet, Delcina Cunico

Second Place

Do You See Nine?,  Kitty Sanders

Third Place

Beautyberry Close Up, Pam Butler

Third Place

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…, Judy Smith

Bursting Forth​, Kathryn Birkhead

Gorgeous Gaura​​​, Aime Payne

Joe Pye in the Sky with a Butterfly​​​, Sarah Teague

Neighborly Natives, Mariette Spidel

Sunnyside Up​, Jody Miskell

September Entries

Theme: Vegetable Gardening (Garden Bounty)


First Place

Vegetables of Our Labor, Mariette Spidel

Second Place

Growing a Mess of Okra​,  Talya Boerner

Third Place

From Bounty to Bottle​, Delcina Cunico

Charter Members: Future BLT’s of America​, Ruthanne Hill

Okra, A Harvest Rainbow​​​, Jim Sposato

August Entries

Theme: Flowering Perennials


First Place

Before the Storm, Delcina Cunico

Second Place

Delicate Beauty​,  Kathryn Birkhead

Third Place

Give Peas a Chance, Sarah Teague

A Touch of Asia, Aimee Payne

Lily Rest Stop​, Mary McKeown

Beeutiful cones a plenty​​, Kathy Launder

Pretty Perennial​, Mariette Spidel

Bravo for Yarrow​, Ruthanne Hill

Pretty Pinks​, Pam Butler

July Entries

Theme: Critters (Garden Creatures)


First Place

Wonder What’s in Here, Kitty Sanders

Second Place

Hidden Blue Surprise​,  Mary McCully

Second Place

Weeding “Helpers” at Headquarters House, Dana Grear

Buckeye Bonanza, Delcina Cunico

Dog Day Cicada​, Patricia McKeown

Li’l Bitty Helper!, Aimee Payne

We’re ready to eat, Mama!, Susie McKinney

Buckeye on Coneflower​​, Stacy Lake

Friend of the BGO​, Jody Miskell

Scary-looking visitor. Kathryn Birkhead

Squatters in my rental, Mary Oxford

Dinner for Two​, Roxanne Gallup

Hide ‘N Seek​, Sarah Teague

Scoping the buffet, Dana Wikholm

Traffic jam, Dana Wikholm

June Entries

Theme: Container Gardening (Containers and Planters)


First Place

Miscellaneous, Ruth Cohoon

Second Place

Bright and Beautiful​,  Pam Butler

Third Place

Serious Succulent, Mariette Spidel

Collected Summer Containers, Jan Lefler

From Trash to Treasure, Nancy Sloan

Tropical Datura, Jody Miskell

Cool Coleus and Caladium​, Sarah Teague

Halfprice Beauty, Pat Brown

Container lettuce: it’s what’s for dinner​, Fredy Garibay​

Hard to Choose One, Aimee Payne

May Entries

Theme: Something in the garden that makes me happy!


First Place

Keeping Company on Crocosmia, Sarah Teague

Second Place

Oh Boy…Bok Choy!,  Roxanne Gallup

Third Place

Garden in early morning spring sun, Georgia Ross

Third Place

Their Smiles Make Me Smile, Nancy Sloan

A little addition to my gardening addiction, Mickey Boetel

Miss She ShedMariette Spidel

The Fungi Family, Judy Smith

Anticipation, Danna Grear

My first orchid to bloom, Marilyn Misenhimer

Meeting the next generation, Tanya Collins

Roses of another color, Mo Shamseldin

Waiting for Pollinators, Aimee Payne

April Entries

Theme: Flowering Trees and Shrubs


First Place

Quite Taken with Quince, Sarah Teague

Second Place

Early Bloomer,  Kathryn Birkhead

Third Place

Clouds of Fragrance,  Judy Smith

Beautiful Pink Azalea, Linda Hall

Oklahoma “White” Redbud, Patsy Louk

Flowering Azalea, Susie McKinney

Pink Cherokee Princess Flowering Dogwood,  Carole Ball

Flowering Quince, Teri Kinsey

Sweet, Southern Crabapple,  Aimee Payne

March Entries

Theme: Spring Bulbs


First Place

After a Spring Rain, Nancy Sloan

Second Place

Worth the Trip,  Teri Kinsey

Third Place

Eye on Spring,  Aileen Wilson

Abundant Blooms, Judy Smith

Rebirth,  Geri Alvis

White Amaryllis Picotee, Nan Abbiatti

Grandma’s Irises, Now Mine, Aimee Payne

Showoff,  Kathryn Birkhead

Is It Safe to Come Out Now?, Judy McDonald

Tiptoe Through the Tulips,  Jan Lefler

February Entries

Theme: Cacti and Succulents


First Place

Water Droplet Study, Kitty Sanders

Second Place

Sunny Yellow,  Teri Kinsey

Third Place

Succulent Dish Garden,  Pam Delaney

Mother of All,  Jody Miskell

Hens and Chickens,  Linda Hall

Zebra Succulent Waiting for Spring,  Talya Boerner

January Entries

Theme: Potpourri

First Place

Hidden in Plain Sight, Sarah Teague

Second Place

Just a sip,  Marsha West

Third Place

Plum Pretty,  Geri Alvis

Butterflie Delite,  Randy Butler

Buttons for Birds,  Judy Smith

Can’t wait to meet you,  Tanya Collins

Opening,  Sarah Bartlett

Radiant Redbud,  Pam Butler

Winter rest under snowy blanket,  Kathy Launder

December Entries

Theme: Trellises in the Garden

First Place

Love Is a Rose, BelvaLee Jurkovich

Second Place

Purple Cascade,  Geri Alvis

Third Place

Queen of the Vines Clematis,  Patsy Louk

Cooperative Honeysuckle,  Kathryn Birkhead

Stairway to Heaven,  Kitty Sanders

The Wisteria Is Coming!,  Aimee Payne

November Entries

Theme: Colorful Trees in the Garden

First Place

Reaching for the Sky, Geri Alvis

Second Place

Nothing Gold Can Stay,  Judy Smith

Third Place

Fall Leaves before Falling,  Jan Lefler

October Entries

Theme: Garden Helpers

First Place

Two Beauties, Kathryn Birkhead

Second Place

Anole the Aphid Eater,  Sarah Teague

Third Place

My Garden Sentinel,  Tanya Collins

Third Place

Praying for Rain,  Aimee Payne

September Entries

Theme: Butterflies/Insects in the Garden


First Place

Basketflower and Bee, Patsy Louk

Second Place

Majestic Swallowtail,  Chris Bell

Third Place

Pretty in Pink,  Tanya Collins

Third Place

Somebody’s Watching Me,  DeLee Holbert

Busy as a Bee, Martha Haguewood

Caterpillar Connection, Randy Butler

Katydid Checks Out Caladium, Joyce Mendenhall

Ladybug on Milkweed, Talya Boerner

Monsters Munch Milkweed, Judy Smith

New Creation​, Susie McKinney

Perseverance, Kathryn Birkhead

Praying Mantis, Gayle Howard

Quiet Visitor, Mariette Spidel

Shoo Fly, Wilma Bonds

Spicebush Surprise, Linda Morrow

The Ivory Splash, Geri Alvis

You Tell Me What It Is, Sarah Teague

August Entries

Theme: Shade Gardens/Plants

First Place

Sweet Secrets in the Shade, Pam Butler

Second Place

Grandparents’ Garden,  Alison Brashears

Third Place

Quiet Conversation in the Shade, Jody Miskell

Bees on Tomato Plants, Jim Sposato

Coleus – Coleus – Coleus, Doris Callejo

Colorful combo, Sarah Teague

Colorful Companions, Judy Smith

Hostas lining the walk to our home, Tanya Collins