Photo of the Month Competition

October Winners

Theme: Native Plants (Including Grasses)

First Place

A Butterfly Magnet, Delcina Cunico

Second Place

Do You See Nine?, Kitty Sanders

Third Place

Beautyberry Closeup, Pam Butler

Third Place

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…, Judy Smith

Prepare for the December Contest

Theme: Winter Garden (Winter Beauty)

Photo Deadline: December 15

Entry Form and Requirements

I certify that I am the photographer of any submitted entry. By submitting an entry, I grant the Master Gardener organization the right to publish my photo with any Master Gardener materials (including print and electronic).


Photo Submission Requirements

  • Members may enter one photo per month.
  • Submissions must be from Washington County Master Gardeners and must be taken in Arkansas.
  • Include your name, photo title and a short photo description or identification.
  • Photos must be of high resolution and in jpeg format.
  • Photos must be originals taken by the person submitting and must be submitted digitally.
  • If you don’t have email, you may have another Master Gardener submit your entry; be certain to include identifying information.
  • Neither the title nor the short description of the picture should identify who the photographer is.
  • Any submission includes permission to use the photo for Master Gardener promotion and/or publication.