Photo Contest Form

Fill out the form below or request a copy of the form at If requesting an email copy, send completed form and photo as separate attachments in your response.  If you use this form, don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to hit the “submit” button.  

IMPORTANT: Contact if you do not receive a message that your entry has been received.
  • I certify that I am the photographer of the attached entry. By submitting this entry, I grant the Master Gardener organization the right to publish my photo with any Master Gardener materials (including print and electronic).

    Photo Submission Requirements
    • Submissions must be from Washington County Master Gardeners and must have been taken in Arkansas.
    • Include your name, photo title and a short photo description or identification.
    • Photos must be of high resolution and in jpeg format. (If you are sending from a phone, you must send “actual size.")
    • Photos must be originals taken by the person submitting and must be submitted digitally. (If you don’t have email, you may have another Master Gardener submit your entry; be certain to include identifying information.)
    • Neither the title nor the short description of the picture should identify who the photographer is.
    • Any submission includes permission to use the photo for Master Gardener promotion and/or publication.
    Members may enter one photo per month.
  • Max. file size: 512 MB.