Going and Growing

Items of Note

 Washington County Master Gardener of the Year

Jayne Laster

Rookie of the Year

Kristi Campbell

Rookie “Yes, I Can” Award

Aileen Wilson


“Yes, I Can” Award

Patsy Louk


Friend of the Year

Mike Cassidy


Photos by Aileen Wilson

2023 Washington County Master Gardeners Training Class 

Back row, from left: Robert Callier, Jacob Campbell, Dana Wikholm, Matt Cooper, Bob Pate, J R Capps, Judy McDonald, Lisa Herrington. Center from left: Fred Garibay, James Fraley, Haley Deatherage, Roxanne Gallup, Jess Friedel, Luanne Diffin, Danna Grear, Carrie Gamble, Carole Ball. Seated, from left: Gari James, Stacy Lake, Pat Brown, Susan Donnangelo, Sally Schoen, Laura Underwood, Jennifer Stewart. Photo by Aileen Wilson

Class of 2022 Washington County Master Gardeners

Back row, from left: Susan Snell, Karen Smenner, Seth Rahmoeller, Nicholas Sammer, Sharon Daniel, Kristi Campbell, Aileen Wilson, Bob Alexander. Front row, from left: Judith Reighter, Aimee Payne, Lindsay Neely, Linda Bennett-Smith, Mo Shamseldin, Sara Bartlett. Photo by  Aileen Wilson


Alison Brashears

Pam Delaney

West Fork Gardens

Master Gardeners have created fall displays throughout the gardens in West Fork. The gardens have been full of autumn blooms and have been a beautiful showcase for fall plantings.

Project Highlight – Washington County Fair

Washington County Master Gardeners serve the Washington County Fair by supervising all activities in the fair’s Agronomy Department. Exhibit categories (adult and youth) include vegetables, fruits, cut flowers, flower arrangements, potted plants, field crops, and outdoor art. There is also a youth category for entomology. The fair runs for five days in late August. WCMGs are involved before (building prep), during (receive entries, assist judges, visit with the public) and after (building cleanup) the fair. During the fair the WCMGs also run a “Gardeners Store,” with all proceeds going to fund fair premiums for youth.

The Washington County Fair is WCMG’s largest sanctioned project, both in public outreach and in Master Gardener volunteer participation. As project co-chair Doris Cassidy says, “It takes a village to staff the Horticulture Building!”