2024 Member Directories and Member Resource Guide


Article I. Name, p1
Article II. Purpose, p1
Article III. Authority, p1
Article IV. Membership, pp 1–3
Article V. Membership Meetings, p3
Article VI. Nominations and Elections, p4
Article VII. Executive Committee, pp 4–6
Article VIII. Fiscal Policies, pp 6–7
Article IX. Bylaws Review and Amendments, p7

Policies and Procedures
Liability, p1
Use of Master Gardener Title, p1
Code of Conduct, p1
*Certification and Recertification, p2
*Unfinished Trainees, p2
*Recording Volunteer and Education Hours, p2
Member Reinstatement Process, p3
*Advanced Master Gardener Certification, p3
Endowment Fund, p3
Other Donations—Cash/Non-Cash, p3
Annual Contribution to State MG Program, p3
*Reimbursement of Expenses, p4
*WCMG Award Recipient Reimbursement, p4
*Financial Support of Sanctioned Projects, p4
Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer Qualifications, p4
Executive Committee Meeting Agendas, p4
Preserving WCMG Documents, p4
*Recording Policy Changes/Additions, p5
Guidelines—Recognizing Deceased Members, p5

*2024 Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Revisions

Awards Nomination Forms


  1. Download the Microsoft Word form to your computer.
  2. Open the form and rename it. (This is so you can keep a clean copy of the original blank form in case you need to start over.) Keep the new file name simple, such as “2024 MG of the Year Nomination.”
  3. Complete all the top portion with identifying names, address, phone, etc. (no longer a fillable form.)
  4. It is not necessary to type in the actual criteria statements.
  5. Address all the criteria listed, telling a compelling story with measurables (goals, results against plans $$ impact, etc.)
  6. Review your document for completeness.
  7. Add captioned photos addressing nomination’s contributions.
  8. Save the copy as a Word document, close the form, then reopen it and check that the info you typed in the boxes is there as it should be.
  9. Email the completed Word document to Colin Massey with “Awards Nomination” in the Email subject line.
  10. Follow up with Colin to make sure he received your completed form.

Finance Forms

Membership Status Forms

Website Photo Contest Information

Sanctioned Project Forms


State MG Volunteer Agreement